Thursday, September 9, 2010

frist day of school

My oldest boy started preschool this week!
He loved it!
He woke up a little grumpy, and crawled back into bed telling me he was cold and he couldn't go to school today because he was a little boy, not a big boy, and he needed to stay home with me. We were surprised because he's been so over the top excited, but I'm pretty sure that's just how he acts when he's a little nervous. He snapped out of it pretty quick and was good about getting ready to go. He was so excited by the time we got there, he ran right up and stood in line with the kids and gave me a high 5 as I left. He's growing up so fast! I really can't believe it.
(I opted to leave the battle scar on his chin, it's part of who he is right now, and it's authentic. He really had that big owie on the first day of school, might as well document it. If these were wall portraits or birthday pictures or something, I would probably edit it out, but for this, I'm okay with it being there.)

I can't believe how cute he is! He picked this outfit out all on his own. The shorts where on the clearance rack at Target and he asked if they could be his school clothes. You can't really tell, but they have the cutest brown pin stripes. And he also chose the shirt. I chose the back pack. He wanted a Diego back pack with wheels, but it had a huge bar across the back and it didn't look comfortable or sensible at all. He was happy with this one anyway.

He came home and told me all about the letter A and an alligator song (he refused to sing it to me) and showed me the pictures he colored of shapes and was all excited about a field trip to the fire station that's coming up at the end of the month. I think he's going to do great!

Owen enjoyed Carter's first day of school too! We came home and played cars for a LONG time. He likes to pretend and make up stories, he chattered my ear off and I loved every minute of our one on one time. I get a lot of one on one with Carter, while Owen naps, but it's a little more rare to have time with just Owen, so I'm looking forward to our two mornings a week, although we will really miss Carter.

Then we took our self portrait together, because really, what's more fun than that?? I loved that after each shutter click he would ask:
"can I see?" and then he would shout "There we are!!!" in his cute little sing song-y voice and then push the camera out for me to do it again. :)

*I'm behind with posting again, but happy to say I'm on top of my editing for now, I have several jobs in the queue, but I'm chipping away at it in good time. I hope to someday catch up on posting all of the sessions from this summer, and it would really be great if I could get back to posting previews too, wouldn't it?


  1. It's hard to believe he is old enough for school. Your boys are so adorable. So are you for that matter. You've got a great writing and photography style.

  2. So much fun! My oldest daughter is the same age and started preschool tis year as well. Fun times. It is nice to have a break from 1 child and be able to spend some 1 on 1 with the other :) Love your work. So cute!
    (sorry deleted the first message - to many typo's!)