Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{gardner family}

Ahhh! I'm loving how this session turned out! It was so much fun, and I went home with hurting cheeks from laughing so much!

Anyway, moving on... Baby Dax is looking so so so cute these days that I really just makes me want another one RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE!

You might recognize these little cuties from here. It's so much fun to see how they've changed and grown in just a few months!

We also had a near emergency, big brother Kael loved the apples in the orchard so much that he tried to swallow one whole... not really, but he was eating it up and started to choke. We joked that I knew the heimlich just in case, but it quickly became evident that he was really choking! I flipped him over so fast and did the baby heimlich and it actually worked! I always wondered if I would really know what to do and if all of that CPR and First Responder certification I had to have as a Dental Assistant back in the day would really work. Happy to report that you will remember it if you learn it! So moms, if you don't already know how to help your child in an emergency, please brush up on the basics. It might come in handy some day!

Thanks so much, Gardner Family! You are so dang cute!

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  1. Mindy-
    I love this! The family is adorable, and you always take such great pictures.

    Also, I totally agree... this makes me want an adorable little one for myself!