Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{t} twins

I worked with these little darlings on Saturday afternoon. My first set of twins! And I loved every single minute of their sweetness! Kael and Grayson where perfect babies, and while two babies where a lot of work, in some ways it was easier than one. I am amazed at how just having the other baby beside the fussy one would help to settle him right down. My boys came in for a minute during our session and both of them where just amazed at two babies that looked alike.

How's that for a hand full o'feet?

Thanks so much to momma Cami, and congrats to your growing family!


  1. Good job on the twins! Now you've done it all!

  2. I wish I could fly you out to Maryland to photograph our twins when they come, you do amazing work. I love the pictures from the wedding preview that is up now. You are so talented, thanks for sharing. Love you.