Monday, June 21, 2010

{W} family

I'm loving this session! This cute little family are friends from our previous neighborhood... so cute! These are some of the cutest little girls I've ever known, the same ages as my boys, so it was so fun to see them again! Mom did a perfect job with outfits. Lots of color, not matchy, nicely coordinated. Perfect!

Dad is headed to Afghanistan for a year, so we made sure to get extra pictures of just dad and each girl... I'm just scratching the surface on these, there were so many that I loved! I'll for sure be posting more once I get caught up a bit!


  1. Mindy these look great. I love love love the location, you will have to tell me where it's at. What a cute family, so sad that their daddy has to go away, I hope he is safe while he's gone.

  2. Thanks, Kim! It's just the international peace gardens in Salt Lake. (Also known as Jordan Park or something like that)

  3. How cute!!! They are such a cute little family! Great job!