Tuesday, June 29, 2010

progress update and photo contest

Hi Friends! I'm slowly catching up! I have about 4 sessions to finish editing and more than that to post. It's been a busy June. Remember how I said I was only going to take 2-3 sessions per month? I broke my own rule, and by the time it's all said and done I will have done 10 this month. I'm slowing it down a bit in July. I'm already booked for August and September and October. I might decide later to add more for October, for now I'm not going to book November at all, we'll wait and do that in the fall...

Anyway, I have a no-editing-photos-during-the-day rule. I'm with my kids all day and we play and have fun, so I do my editing at night after they've gone to bed. It works out pretty well until I get too many in the queue and then I get stressed. If you're waiting for your picutures or previews just know I'm going as fast as I can go without sacrificing my kid's their momma. :) Thanks for being patient with me as I continue to try and balance photography with my life!

In other news, I entered this picture of my boys in a photo contest at Better Homes and Gardens. I saw the call for entries in my July magazine and thought of this picture I snuck of my fellas a few weeks agon on our front porch.

The theme is "Home: It's where life happens."
If you like the photo, would you all mind helping me out and just follow this link and click "like". Thanks!


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