Thursday, January 1, 2009

For Abbie...

Meet Abbie and Jason. Abbie is one of my very best friends... since the 7th grade! I had so much fun taking pictures of her and her hubby Jason. They've been married for over 4 years now and still act like newly-weds.(I mean that in a good way.) They are just so much fun! When I took this one I knew it would be one of my favorites, it's just them. A little silly, a lot fun! Enjoy, Abbie! And I'm just getting started, but can't wait for you to see the rest, I just couldn't wait to show you this one!

1 comment:

  1. I just love it already!! I was almost giddy the rest of the day because I am so excited to get them back. I loved the shots that you would show me in your camera let alone what you can do with them in editing. I am feeling like you did a fantastic job at keeping us as ourselves and still capturing great pictures. Aw, heck I still need to see them all! Love you mindo!!