Monday, November 15, 2010

Loveless Clan

I'll admit that I may have had a near anxiety attack when my dear friend Abbie and her mom asked me to take extended family pictures with 17 grand kids...
But it went well, and we had a great time! Aren't they beautiful little people?? I love the clothing choices, fun and colorful, not matchy, but everyone looks well groomed and nicely dressed. Good job moms! There was just a minimal amount of adjusting and shuffling:
but all 17 of those kids were well behaved, super cooperative, and adorable!

Thank you so much, Loveless family! I'll consider my life a success if my posterity turn out half as well as yours! You've raised some good kids and grandchildren!

A special Thank You also to my wonderful friend Holly, who came along for moral support, and helped with holding a reflector (although she is highly over qualified for that job!) She did a great job dancing around and helping to attract the collective attention of young and old alike! And mostly for just being a fun friend. For us, taking pictures together was like a girls night out!


  1. Mindy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks for dealing with one stressed out mama since Ashling was the little pill of the evening but the pictures I've seen so far look WONDERFUL (LOVE that very first one of Ashling!). I do have to say one of my favorites is the one of my handsome little Max. :)

  2. Such a small world. I actually know Katie. Her very good friend Amelia from growing up was my roomate at college, and I knew her and Randy when they were just dating and not even married yet. You did a great job, I would stress about that many people too. So funny how we really are all connected in some way.

  3. GREAT job! See, you can do extended families. Just don't do mine again. :)

  4. Thanks Minday for putting up with our "BIG" family. You did a great job! I can hardly wait to see all of them, over and over again :) I love the picture of Vern and I. You made us look real good. I can hardly wait to replace the family picture on my wall since it was taken 5 years ago and get everyone up there. Thanks! Brenda