Monday, January 18, 2010

my buddy Gage...


I think Gage liked that part best...

A special thanks to Gage and his mommy, Amber! This session was so incredibly fun, and I loved seeing little Gage again! I took his newborn portraits and I've seen him several other times over the past year. Gage was one of the babies that inspired me to start Babies First Year (details are coming, promise.) This is the part of photography that most fulfills me.

Gage seriously couldn't be cuter! And it's been a pleasure to know him and to have captured some moments of his first precious year!

Happy Birthday, Gage!


  1. Oh Mindy I love them! Thanks for doing these, you are the best!

  2. Mindy so darling! Great Work! I wish I had some just like this of my kids when they were one!

  3. Love the cake smashing! SO cute. I especially love the one of him crawling right over the cake!

  4. Adorable! Great job. It's great that Owen's name has all of the right letters for "ONE". I didn't know you had backdrops. Very cool.

  5. So totally cute. I am wondering what you set up was (I can see in the picture of him crawling away, but would love details. I am also loving the rounded corner blog it board. I bet his mom is loving these.

  6. Love these! Can I totally steal your idea with the letters for ONE. So creative.